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Originally Posted by fommes
In frenchport2, that's the theme from the Africa episodes, no?

The very start of frenchport2 is when Indy and Remy head into the French officer's office (0:46:14 on the DVD). But the rest doesn't match. Checking StooTV, it doesn't appear to be a DVD-specific edit. So possibly it was used in another episode - so far, all of the game tracks have been complete and uncut matches to the episodes.

I identified these as well:

Hunting For Treasure / bgmusic2
Congo 1917/Oganga "The Chief's Son Is Dying" 1:06:38

Special Delivery / belgiumcamp-1
Congo 1917/Oganga "Waving Goodbye" 1:14:24

... but the rest are eluding me for now.
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