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Just FYI, the track analysis continues, although both Stoo and I have been distracted by other things.

Today I tracked down a couple of additional tracks:

"Wrong Compartment" (Austria 1917)
DVD Time Index 0:14:21
From LEGO Indiana Jones LC_ESCAPE_C_QUI @ 1:06-1:45

"Stories Concerning Antiquities" (Treasure of the Peacock's Eye)
DVD Time Index 0:08:52
From DVD Interactive Timeline - bgAudio 2:22-3:32

The unidentified portion of bgAudio (1:24-2:20) is extremely similar to parts of Peacock's Eye (especially the part in the museum at Alexandria) but I can't find an exact match. It's possible it's recycled from another episode (which would be odd for a Bramson-scored episode).

medcamp-1 still eludes me and is driving me batty - I'm wondering if it's the opening bookend for an episode that Stoo hasn't put on the YouTube yet. Those and the second half of LC_AIRSHIP_B_QUI and the first minute of TD_FREETHESLAVES_B_QUI are the tracks at the top of my hit list.
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