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Originally Posted by Crusade>Raiders
^Well at least one guy liked it.

Hey! I did too! Go ahead, shoot me! Just 'cause I understand that the Mummy films are at heart adventure film spoofs doesn't mean I'm a retarded dumb**** with no idea of quality. I don't care what you guys think, but I genuinely enjoyed TODE for the most part (yes, some of Hannah's jokes fell flat...OH WELL!!!). I loved Jet Li's Er Shi Huangdi: an excellent villain with awesome powers. VERY COOL. And Michelle Yeoh was wonderful and heroic.

Luke Ford made for a plucky and amusing Alex, and Lin was, despit her pokemon-squeaky voice which GRINDED ON MY NERVES, quite a cute and likable heroine. I thought the Yeti's were very cool (didn't expect them to be good guys...SWEET!), and I love how Huangdi becomes King Ghidorah at a whim. Mad-Dog Maguire was a hoot, and the battle scenes and action (especially the Shanghai chase---ingenious and one of the most thrilling sequences in a movie ever) were awesome.

Maria Bello, I thought, was an inspired replacement despite the obviously fake and overdone accent (she needs more practice, and then she'll be fine in my book). The plot was wonderfully Indy-esque, the effects were impressively imaginative, and I ABSOLUTELY ****ING LOVE the bit where Evey has become an author and made books out of the first two movies! And the covers are like all 1930's pulp-Doc-Savage style! LOVE IT!!!

All in all, I truly loved the majority of this film. Hey, it has some flaws, but what movie doesn't? I mean, if I can love The Mummy Returns and The SCorpion King, then there is no way I shouldn't enjoy this film, which is no different. I'm a Mummy fan, and I'm PROUD of it!

BRING ON PERUVIAN MUMMIES AND IMMORTAL RICK O'CONNELL!!! I'll be there! I love these movies; they are so fun and funny and imaginative, and are not afraid to have a sense of humor. Great cheesy fun.
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