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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
How do you guys feel this film was, compared to KOTCS?

Ugh, why did I have to sound so dorkishly juvenile the last time I posted in this thread? I promise, no more stupidity from me, you all have my word.

Anyways, I definitely think KOTCS was better, mostly because of Spielberg's magic touch and Ford's performance. Hell, it was just more respectable all around.

But yeah, I still think TOTDE is an underrated flick. Stephen Sommers' Mummy series is built on a foundation of silliness, so to expect anything more than goofy, over-the-top adventure shenanigans is just foolhardy. As it was, it was a guilty pleasure, certainly.

I guess it's safe to say this franchise is dead now. No word of any further sequels for a few years now. Sheesh. I was looking forward to Aztec mummies...

Oh, and Rachel Weisz's inevitable-no, required-return, ahem...
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