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@Stoo - awesome, awesome work mate ! Don't worry about the diary - just stick an elastic band round it or something (this is what I get for substituting the finest corinthean leather'pleather'). I'd like to see the diary stuffed with anecdotes, signatures, bus tickets - anything really ! As for Indy's suitcase, well I guess that lost luggage is the occupational hazard of any long-distance traveller

Rough updated itinerary as follows...

UK (inky_skin) - DEPARTED 06-May-10
Switzerland (Stoo) - ARRIVED 11-May-10 / DEPARTED 13-May-10
Canada: Kingston / Montreal (Stoo) - ARRIVED ???
Malta (Stoo)
Switzerland (Stoo)
Afghanistan (Billy Ray) NOTE: Stoo - please ensure Indy arrives with Billy Ray in time for him to reach Rocket before the second week of July
East Coast USA: New Jersey / Princeton (Rocket Surgeon)
Canada (throwmetheidol)
West Coast USA: Culver City (Lance Quazar)
West Coast USA: LA / SoCal (Pale Horse)
West Coast USA: San Francisco (NickTurner)
West Coast USA: San Francisco / New Orleans (Le Saboteur)
Australia: Queensland (hemble)
Australia: Canberra (indy34)
Korea (AlivePoet)
Austria: (DoomTown)

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