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I did some test shots of Indy. It's great to see his pictures from the travels but it would be nice if he wasn't fuzzy! I used a Canon Rebel XTi set at f29. The higher the f-stop you can shoot at the smaller the aperture. which translates to a much deeper depth of field. This means you can pretty much have close-up Indy and far-away back ground in focus at the same time. Exposure times are longer though so a tripod is recommended. So use an SLR if you can or enlist a photographer friend! If it's point and shoot or nothing you can try moving Indy a littler further away from the camera and maybe crop the pic later. Hope that's useful info to all you budding adventure photographers! (And don't worry - we like fuzzy Indy too!)

BTW, How big is the diary? I'm wondering what 'artifacts' might fit.

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