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Post Indy in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Originally Posted by NickTurner
No criticism intended Stoo! Great to have the pics so quickly and I appreciate that some of these shots will be 'guerrilla-style'

Some folks may be unfamiliar with trying to shoot miniatures up close especially with a full sized background, so I thought I'd try it and share my findings.
No criticism taken, Nick. Presenting quality is a personal rule of mine and I just wanted to explain why my photos looked so sh*tty. In any case, yes, take Nick's advice for getting maximum DoF. If you have the means, a tripod is recommended. Holding the figure at arm's length with a hand-held camera is tricky!
Originally Posted by inky_skin
Both excellent points. Perhaps I should sort out a change of outfit for Indy's snowbound adventuring ? Wouldn't be impossible for the holder at the time to swap out his jacket and arms. As to a permanent tenure at The Ravenwood - I'd be honoured if they agreed.
An additional winter kit is an excellent idea! This is getting better as we go. Les, carve out a space at your museum for the resting place of this globe-trotting figure! Whoever loses Indy gets 100 lashes.

Fuzzy Indy in Kingston. I wanted to get him near Fort Henry, the old locks at the Rideau Canal and at this Canadian Pacific steam locomotive but didn't get the chance. Kingston has plenty of sites and roots in Canadian history. Here's the engine in all it's glory.

"Just got into Kingston by train. My father gave a lecture at Queen's Univeristy after we finished our world tour but this is my first time on the grounds. One student kept in touch with Dad over the years and ended up teaching here at Queen's. He has fallen ill and I need to speak to him. Queen's has been around since the mid-1800's but the buildings look brand new! They must have had a clean-up recently..."

"He wasn't there. He's in the hospital!"

More on the way...
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