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What would you like to see in future Indiana Jones publications?

Hello all,

I have been scratching my head for several days now on a good topic for the Indiana Jones literature sub forum.

First I was thinking of opening a thread on what people's favorite Indiana Jones books are or their top 5 Indiana Jones comics, but these threads have already been done before and there have not been any new Indy publications that could change the last responses/outcomes.

So instead I would like to ask people here what they would like to see or hope to see in any future Indiana Jones publication, be it a book, a comic, an RPG module.

My own answer?
I always felt that Indiana Jones was at his strongest during the 30s, right before World War 2 or during it.
A time of change, opening of more parts of the world due to better methods of travel, political turmoil.
And the Nazis/Axis forces made good antagonists who are after historical and mythological treasures and artifacts.

Still I feel the Nazis/various German departments have been kind of played out by now because they have been so overused now. Not just in Indy but also other publications (Hellboy for example).

I would really like to see more stories set after World War 2, perhaps involving the Soviets more (okay I admit that the Soviets and their archaeological departments would be a substitute for the Nazi ones) like in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix.

After that I am not sure.
The elderly Indiana Jones and somewhat focus on science fiction in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did not really appeal to me even if Infernal Machine was basically the same. (for some reason it did appeal to me in that game's story)

As for a Mutt Jones based publications. No thanks, I don't care for the character.
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