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Originally Posted by TheFedora
Id really like to see what a comic set after Temple of Doom would be like. I know we had some of that in the old Indy comics
Wow! You know about stories that nobody else has heard of before? You must be mistaken. None of the "old" comics take place between "Doom" and "Raiders". The only comic is "Tomb of the Gods" from 2008-09 and (unless you're a child) that's not old.

Originally Posted by TheFedora
...a new modernized comic could perhaps give us a new feel for that era.
A "modernized comic" could give a "new feel" of 1935?

Originally Posted by Plaristes
Definitely, my top vote would be for MacGregor's unpublished Staff novel to finally be released...
I would like for there to be official English translations of a lot of old material that's only available in French, German (or in Dutch translation), and Japanese.
Exactly my thoughts, as well...but it's a pipe dream.
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