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Translation - Part 20

Marcus and Indiana left the university and rushed back to Indiana’s house. They both couldn’t believe that the solution was so obvious. Now that they knew what they were looking for in Corda’s records it would be a virtually inexhaustible source of information.

The idea seemed so fantastic, that Stanley Corda was so convinced the fabled El Dorado existed that he was able to discover it.

"It’s inconceivable,” Marcus muttered over and over again. “He has really found it! It exists, Indiana! And to think we were all convinced that it is only a legend! "

“The Spaniards, felt that it existed" said Indiana. After a few seconds of hesitation he added.” Well, probably, some of them found it...”

"...But did not come back, "Marcus said.

"But they would not be able to tell about it," corrected Indiana with gentle rebuke. "No, no. There must still be more.”

Indiana looked down thoughtfully at the papers he had spread in front of him on the table. They contained many of the answers to the location of the legendary land of gold, except one small thing - the place where it lay.

"Grisswald said something... "he added and thoughtfully continued. "A few of them, that have sold the items to Corda, become ill. Two of them are already dead."

Marcus' face darkened. "Corda brings shame on us all, "he said.”For what he’s done he belongs in prison. He finds El Dorado, a momentous discovery and can think of nothing better to do than to cram the bags! "

"I'm afraid it was not that easy. There's something wrong with this gold " muttered Indiana.

Marcus looked at him in shock for a second, then tried to laugh at him, but he failed completely, “You’ll be telling me that a curse lies on the gold"

Indiana nodded seriously. "Exactly!."

"There is no such thing as a deadly curse," asserted Marcus - although he really should have known better.

“Nevertheless” nodded Indiana. "Your proberly right but perhaps there is an effect that amounts to the same thing."

Indiana thoughtfully placed his index finger on the chin. "I wonder what the F.B.I. man mean’t when he spoke of the Manhattan Project.”

Indiana looked at Marcus and noted that he looked uncomfortable with the question.

"What do you know?"Indiana asked.

"Nothing," replied Marcus, a little bit too hastily for Indiana.

“You know what that is, "noted Indiana. Marcus hemmed and hawed for a while. Finally he nodded.

"There are rumours, "he said. "Yes, I've heard of it. But it’s not for me to tell anyone.”

"Then don’t," advised Indiana. "Tell it to the fireplace or the grandfather clock. I’ll promise not to listen.”

Marcus made a face, reached into his jacket pocket and took out his tobacco pouch and lit his pipe.

"As I said," he began, "There are only rumours. But only alleged, that they have begun the process of constructing a new weapon in Nevada. "

"And," asked Indiana surprised

"A nuclear fission weapon," Marcus said.

Now it was Indiana, who was startled and shocked by his friend and stared in disbelief. "What?"

Brody put his pipe down and took a deep . He coughed a few times before he answered. "Yes, a nuclear bomb. Washington have feared for quite a while, that the Germans are going to construct such a weapon. They have now set everything in motion in order to beat them. They have been tinkering around on this thing for a year. The code name for the pro...”

“The project is –‘Manhattan’," murmured Indiana.

Brody nodded and puffed nervously on his pipe again, enough to make the tobacco glowed bright red.

"But what does this have to do with Stanley, and El Dorado," asked Indiana confused.

Brody shrugged. "No idea," he said.
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