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Translation - Part 21

Before Indiana could go on talking there was a knock at the door. He rose, gestured to Marcus to disappear leaving with the paper and walked slowly to the door. The knock repeated just before he reached the door, and his time it sounded fast and nervous.

Indiana put the chain on the door before taking a half step aside and he knelt down to look. Outside the house stood Marian with a harried expression on her face. Indiana was quick to stand up to remove the chain and rip open the door. He firmly took Marian into the house with lightning speed, before closing the door again.

"Marian! Where have you been? Have you found Stan? "

She shook her head and looked instinctively at the closed door behind her, so that Indiana added immediately:

"Is someone is chasing you?"

“I'm not sure” she answered hesitantly. Indiana steered Marian gently to the couch and gave Marcus a sign: "Tell it to her," he said. "Everything." Then he hurried back to the door, stepped to the small window and pulled the curtains to form a small crack.

At first he saw nothing, the street was quiet and peaceful, as usual, only being frequented by a passing pedestrian or a single car.

Indiana stood watching at the window for five minutes, while Marcus and Marian behind spoke in muffled voices. Indiana was keen to to shorten his surveillance and joined them but he has spotted a lone car passing the house for a third time. Indiana caught a glance at the two men in the cab, not quick enough to identify them, but at least he saw who they were not, namely, Reuben and Henley, the two FBI men. He watched the car until it past into the horizon and disappeared, then he let the curtain slide back and went back to Marian and Brody.

"You were right," he said, turning to Marian. "Someone's following you. "
Marian was visibly startled, and Indiana raised the calm hand on her shoulder.

"I don’t think they coming here," he said.

"If they were, they would have done it already. It’s seems they are only tailing. Not too smart. "

"The FBI" asked Brody.

"No. They don’t seem that bright, but then again, what do I know. Amateurs, I don’t think we have much to fear from them.”

"Prephaps, one of them was involved in the raid on Stanley's house? " suspected Brody.

Indiana and Marian looked at each, then she looked away. "Marian, you must try to remember," he said forcefully. "You have to remember something. You said Stan had sometimes met with strange people. Has he ever mentioned a name? Or an address? A meeting place.. Anything? "

Marian shook her head almost automatically, but paused and thought for a moment. "I'm not sure," she said finally. "But someone called once. Stan was in the bath and had forgotten to lock the door of his study. He has become quite angry that I even went to the phone. "

"Who called?" asked Indiana.

"I don’t remember exactly," said Marian sadly."A Mr. Rogers or Rutgers or something like that ..." She shrugged her shoulders and looked almost embarrassed at Indiana.

"But he was an antiques dealer, as far as I remember. "

“Antiques dealer?" Indiana furrowed his brow in doubt. He knew every antique shop in the city, both the official dealer and the places that operated with a degree of legality, to say the least. But he had never heard of the name Marian mentioned.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," replied Marian. "I think I can remember the address. 194th Kensington Drive "

Indiana exchanged a surprised look with Marcus. It surprised him not so much that Marian was so accurate that she could remember the address of the antiques dealer but that its name was Kensington Drive, the most notorious street in the city, the kind of road that you’d better avoid in brightest daylight avoided. It was either suicidal or foolish naivety for anyone to travel there as it was dominated by any number of dangerous street gangs.

"Are you sure?" Indiana quizzed.

Marian nodded. "I've asked Stan what he would be doing in this area, was he lost? But he did not respond. "

Indiana got up. "Well, we must think of the postives, he may have mean't well but it’s certainly worth investigating."

Marcus became a little pale, and took the pipe from his mouth. "You're not going to go there?"

"Not necessarily," said Indiana. "If you have any other options..."

Marcus' face lost even more color. "This is too dangerous," he said nervously.

"I know. But danger is my first and second name. "

"And your third, levity," said Marcus added darkly.

"You're crazy."

"You're telling me?" sighed Indiana.
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