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Translation - Part 24

Indiana’s head hurt him so much that he seriously wished, from the very first moment when he woke, he was dead. He was handcuffed and laying on his side on a bare stone or concrete floor in darkness with a pale grey glimmer of light circling above. Even though the light was so weak it made him groan in pain when he tried to opened his eyes.

He quickly closed his eyes and clenched his teeth to suppress a renewed cry of pain. The hammers in the back of his head were gradually subsiding and the pain was no longer unimaginable but only intolerable. To the same extent the pain had subsided he enough for him to began to clearly perceive his surroundings.

He could not see very much as the gray light was too weak but made vague outlines out of the twilight. He heard a low moan and the sound of one or more people that moved in his immediate vicinity. Then a voice whispered his name. A voice he knew very well but the pain in his head was still too violent that he couldn’t hold a clear though.

"He waking.” said another voice, after a few moments he realised it was Marian. "Thank God. I was afraid the giant guy had killed him. "

"Do not worry - he has a hard head. In every respect." This time he could identify the voice and with a surprised jerk he turned around and sat half-up, he regretted this in the same split second because the noise in the back of his head increased to a bombardment of a whole battery of heavy naval guns.

Groaning, he closed his eyes and settled back to fall forward until his forehead touched the gray concrete floor. Only after a few seconds and much more cautious than first ventured he dared to straighten up again and to turn the head into the direction, from which he had heard Marians' and Marcus' voices.

"Marcus?" He asked, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

“The same as you. Being tied up!” Marcus replied calmly.

Even without the pounding pain in his head Indiana was not in the mood to be joking. But he controlled himself and swallowed the angry reply.

"What happened" he pressed.

“I've been foolish, they came when you were just gone." said Marcus.

"These gangsters?" Replied Indiana.

He heard Marcus shook his head. "The two FBI men you told me about. They just had a lot of stupid questions...”

"And," asked Indiana, when Marcus did not continued. Brody hesitated a moment.

"I thought I got rid of them, "he said. “But barely a minute later after they left there was a knock atthe door and thought, they had forgotten something or ... "

"Or?" hooked Indiana.

Marcus said no more, and Indiana fell silent. He could imagine how Brody was feeling. Now, he felt no more anger. Marcus Brody was no hero. He never claimed to be one. Indiana had no reason to doubt whether there was ever anyone in the world who could have refused the giant guy who had beaten him for more than a few seconds .

"I'm sorry, Indiana, but they have forced me to bring them to you. I..they pulled me as we climbed into the car they were too fast. " murmured Marian.

"It’s okay," said Indiana. "All this does not matter."

"It does," Marcus growled. "I could have been wiser and not let them in. You impressed on me not to open the door. But I was a fool - "

"Relax," said Indiana again. "You haven't done any wrong, Marcus. I probably would have not acted any differently in your place.”

Somewhere in the darkness behind Marcus came a chuckle from the darkness. Indiana tried with difficulty to draw his knees and turn to head in the direction of the laughter. It was repeated again a few seconds later and the a shadow in the dusk began to peel. The shadow did not come close enough for Indiana to see but he had a bad feeling about it.

"How noble, Dr. Jones “ said a rasping, unpleasant voice. "If I were in your shoes, I would now like to punish Mr. Brody"

"Who are you?" said Indiana.

The figure laughed, took a few shuffling steps, and Indiana saw that the man hobbled. Although, he was always half hidden in the shadows Indiana could recognize that the man was a cripple, he moved to the right, obviously stiff leg, and his shoulders were at different heights. The right arm was in
an unnatural angle and attitude also seemed useless.

"Who are you?" Indiana asked again.

He got no answer but behind the cripple there was more detail, with two more shadowy outlines in the blackness - one of them was so great that Indiana knew immediately who he faced. And obviously the crippled with the unpleasant voice was their client.

"My name is Ramos" he finally said in his thin, unpleasant voice.

"Interesting," said Indiana. "And who are you?"

Ramos laughed again and took a step toward him.

"A fair question, Dr. Jones," he said. "I think we have not yet had the pleasure. It so much pleased me that you have accepted my invitation. I hope you will excuse the small inconveniences. "

Indiana gave him a dirty look. "Listen, stop with the nonsense and say what you want from us?” he snapped. Ramos cocked his head and looked down at him.

"From you? Nothing. "He shook his head. "But from your adorable friend, Mrs. Corda... "
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