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It really is a great series. Travels with Father is an awesome episode (mainly due to the Tolstoy character/scenes).

Some of my other favorite episodes: "Journey of Radiance", "Spring Break Adventure", "Phantom Train of Doom", "Oganga, Giver and Taker of Life", "Tales of Innocence", "Treasure of the Peacock's Eye", "Mystery of the Blues" (the comedic chemistry between the Indy, Hemingway, and Ness characters in this episode is excellent and hilarious), and "The Scandal of 1920" (Indy's a pimp).

The entire series really is amazing. It gets better each time I watch it, and I've watched the DVDs eight times since I got around to buying them in May...when they were on sale for $50 on Amazon. It was worth it, definitely.

I can't encourage people enough to check these DVDs out. Especially the Sean Patrick Flannery episodes. The Corey Carrier episodes are decent to great in their own right, but the Flannery episodes really illustrate Indy's transition from boy to man in WWI.

And as Violet Indy mentioned, the episodes tend to be educational without forcing it on you or drowing the story in it. But, I also definitely encourage people to check out the special features, as they're interesting and educational in themselves, but its also interesting to see how those real-life historical characters or events are incorporated into the Young Indy tales.
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