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Things you didn't know until many viewings!

Ok, thought this could be fun and search didn't find anything on it.
Like many of you I have seen the Indy movies 100th of times I think. However it seems like sometimes I still find out some new things I didn't see, or get until later. Here some of the ones, and one I just found out yesterday!
-For years I thought Indy said "There's a big snake in the plane doc! I hate snakes doc, I hate 'em". It was until many years later I heard people say this "doc" was named Jock.
-For a few years I thought when Indy comes out the cave and Belloq is talking to him I thought he said "You could own them... if only you spoke Hovitos!" I never understand WHY Belloq thought Indiana would want to own a much and natives. Then after about 30th time I said "oh wait he says "you could warn them"!

Temple of Doom
-Didn't know until the early internet movie database days (like early 90s) that Dan Aykroyd was the one that showed our heros the way to the airplane!
-I didn't know this until LAST NIGHT!! At the end, when the British Indian Army come to fight I never saw that the young Indian prince (Maharajá that right?) was with the army until last night!
-Speaking of the little young Indian prince, for a long as a kid I thought it was a GIRL!! (back before VHS!)
-I thought Chattar Lal was killed during his Indy fight, that the handle's on the big wheel killed him! Then I got the VHS widescreen and, no he gets up and runs away!

So what about you?
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