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Originally Posted by DetectiveFork
Billy, thank you so much for the run-down on the head sizes, which is invaluable knowledge when considering customs.

Putting Cairo Indy's head onto Temple Indy sounds tempting, but how does it look? There's still the no-neck problem, but I would think the face likeness would be better. I might try this, since I ended up with an extra Temple Indy. Would wanna buy an extra Cairo Indy, though, as I don't wanna ruin the one I have.

Also, do the deluxe heads fit snugly on the bodies for the basic Raiders figures?

Finally, do you just pull the heads off, or do you have to use the boil and pop method?

Here are a couple of shots of the Cairo Indy head on the Temple Indy and vice versa:

You won't ruin either of these two figures swapping their heads. They pop right off and pop right on and right back on with no problems. No boiling, heating, taping, gluing, cutting, sawing, melting, or crying involved I promise.

And no, the deluxe heads do not fit on either of these figures at all without some sort of major modification. The ball joint on the neck of the two basic Raiders figures are way smaller than any of the other Indy figures.
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