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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Assuming this Indyland takes the family friendly route, such a conversation could go like this:

U-Boat Captain: I am making notes, Captain, and when we win the war, you will be brought to account

Mainwaring: You can write what you like. You're not going to win this war.

U-Boat Captain: Oh, yes we are!

Mainwaring: Oh no you're not!

U-Boat Captain: Oh yes we are!

Pike: [sings] Whistle while you work / Hitler is a twerp / He's half barmy, so's his army / Whistle while you work.

U-Boat Captain: [pointing at Pike] Your name will also go on zee list. What is it?

Mainwaring: Don't tell him, Pike!

U-Boat Captain: Pike.

Haha I was thinking more along the lines of SS officers going up to guests and going Papers please! The guest would be like what paper? Than the SS officer would hand them a coupon for 10 percent off the Indy grill BBQ!!!
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