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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
An Indy-ized World Showcase? Is that the notion, but with everything in a geographically appropriate location? Maybe. But structurally it might be a bit of a disaster. Where's the entrance to the world?
Well if the park was in Paris...when in Rome.

Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
And you'd have a half dozen deserts, and a handful of jungles, and various outposts of civilization...I think you need to consolidate things.
That's what this is all about though right? I don't suggest accurate scale, but these are exactly the places where you find adventure! The unknown should be represented from every continent, animals to foliage. Personally The Atomic Cafe can be the "North American Oasis" a marked difference from the Marhala Bar or another North African Oasis...making both unique and attractive for different reasons.

Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Good question. Thing is, I'm not sure it has a centerpiece in a traditional sense. It's a park about adventure, and so you need to get a little bit lost in it.
I agree you have to get lost in a sense, but money makes the world go round and you NEED funds to travel. In any event I think you need a center for civilization and education. I think you have to celebrate history and along with South American, African, Asian temples there has to be the European Temple which to say is a gothic Church and from North America the Ivy League College.

Taking your lead, I think having a visible peak that is impossible to get to holds some promise.
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