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As crazy as it sounds as a teenager I designed a massive amusement resort for Chicago and I included an Indiana Jones theme park. Here is a map of the location I picked for it:


The site is on vacant land that is located between a Cook County Forest Preserve to the north and an Illinois State Park to the south. Also in an appropriate and somewhat deliberate nod the land straddles the Indiana border so signs welcoming guests to "Indiana" would have a double meaning. The site is a former missile installation used during the cold war (also appropriate?) and that is what those concrete remains you see. I imagine building major rides and themed areas on top of those areas and the other open areas and leaving the trees and decorating/enhancing them to look more jungle like. A major attraction I always imagined is a huge Temple of Doom mine cart ride, certainly the most amusement park ride thing we have seen in the Indy movies. I suppose you could also have a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull river rapids/log flume waterfall ride among many of the things others have mentioned. A number of rides and attractions would straddle Interstate 90 with signs drawing people in with a direct exit off the interstate. Also an entrance to the west with a monorail connection to other areas of the amusement resort I designed. I suppose the obvious disadvantage being that unlike the location of the other amusement parks listed above a Chicago location would mean this would be a seasonal park open about six months of the year opening about May 1 and ending the season with an Indiana Jones themed Halloween festival.
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