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There has to be a water park element to it...

Action Park had two great attractions, the Tarzan Swing over a swimming hole/lake and the Cannonball, a fully enclosed waterslide/tube which shot you out over another swimming hole/lake.

The swing could easily be "Hovitos Escape" in a cove visible along the Jungle Cruise, with Jock's Bi Plane at the mouth. Either an animatronic fishing Jock or a staff member waving to the Bantu Wind as it passes. A nice addition to the Jungle Cruise is seeing the scene from Raiders played out by visitors pointed out by Katanga: "we'll be picking up Dr Jones a little later in his adventure..."

The Bantu Wind passes by the other water ride "Pancot Mines" on the return trip on the other side of the loop where the water slide shoots you out of the side of a cliff and into the "river" with the Rope Bride about to be cut between you and the Tour Boat.

Towards the end Venice speedboats race past you in battle, as you dock two jet between you and the pier. An explosion later, one escapes but "disappears" over a water fall.

Oh, attendants are Hovitos and Thugee, Sallah sees you off on the Bantu Wind and The Brother Hood are waiting for you as you disembark.

A way to incorporate the rides as a spectacle as well...

There's also a multi laned "Race down Mt Hummol" water slide.
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