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Might be the wrong thread for it, but it's what I saw..
What I was listening to last week was Green Day live at the Moda Center in Portland. Awesome show. Been wanting to see them for a LONG time.

Before that, the best show was NOFX. Hit a bar 'round the corner first (2 buck PBR tall boys). Met the band before the show, El Hefe & Smelly in passing, but got to hang out with Fat Mike and Melvin for a few minutes. PEARS were a great opener. The singer of the band was cool.

Saw Marty Stewart and his Fabulous Superlatives a few months back. My mom, my country western influence, wanted to see 'm and had tickets. My dad didn't want to go so she asked me. I was pretty hung over but said a resounding "YES". Fun, intimate show. Btw, their newest album is REALLY good.

Around that time, though not music related, my best buddy and I saw Ron White "Tater Salad" perform in Portland. Fresh set and funny as Hell. Met him after the show. Six of us just waiting by the side door exit. He was really cool. I got the impression that he's about the same, except the 'showman' glam, off stage. He indulged us, even though we weren't fappin "VIP"--even hit a joint with us-- then had to go.

So, that's what has hit my eardrums recently.
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