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Latest Updates:

- The prehistoric action/drama "The Solutrean" has been re-titled "Alpha" and given a new date of March 2, 2018.
- Matthew MacConaghey's "White Boy Rick" has been pushed two weeks to Jan 26, 2018.
- "Proud Mary" has been moved to Jan 12, 2018.
- "Cadaver" has been delayed six months to Aug 24, 2018.

Fair warning, I am going to exclude Sony Picture Classics releases from my list.

Jun 16: Rough Night (Comedy)
Jun 28: Baby Driver (Car Chase)
Jul 7: Spider-Man: Homecoming (Superhero)
Jul 28: The Emoji Movie (Animation)
Aug 4: The Dark Tower (Epic Fantasy)
Aug 25: All Saints (Christian)
Sep 29: Flatliners (Sci-Fi Horror)
Oct 20: Granite Mountain (Action)
Nov 10: The Star (Animation/Christian)
Dec 1: He's Out There (Horror)
Dec 22: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure)

Jan 12: Proud Mary (Hitman Drama)
Jan 26: White Boy Rick (Crime Drama)
Feb 9: Peter Rabbit (Live-Action/Animation Hybrid)
Mar 2: Alpha (Caveman Action/Drama)
May 18: Slenderman (Horror/ Action Thriller)
Jun 29: Barbie (Family Comedy)
Jul 13: Hotel Transylvania 3 (Animated Sequel)
Aug 3: Holmes and Watson (Detective Comedy)
Aug 10: The Nightingale (WW2 Drama)
Aug 24: Cadaver (Horror)
Sep 14: The Equalizer 2 (Action Thriller)
Sep 21: Goosebumps 2 (Family/Horror/Comedy)
Oct 5: Venom (Comic Book)
Oct 19: The Girl in the Spider's Web (Crime Thriller)
Nov 9: Bad Boys for Life (Action Sequel)
Dec 14: Animated Spider-Man (Animated Superhero)

Jun 7: Charlie's Angels (Action Reboot)
Jul 5: Untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel (Superhero)
Jul 26: TBA Animated Franchise Film (Animation)
Sep 20: The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Animation)
Dec 18: Masters of the Universe (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
Dec 25: TBA Animated Franchise Film (Animation)

Apr 3: TBA Animated Franchise Film (Animation)
Jul 24: TBA Animated Franchise Film (Animation)
Sep 25: TBA Animated Franchise Film (Animation)
Dec 18: Vivo (Animated Musical)

To Be Determined
:Bad Boys 4 (Action Sequel)
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