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Part 47 (cont)

“Jungle, water, and rocks,” countered Indiana. “There is plenty of each here,” he indicated around him by raising his hands, palm upward, from his sides.

“But not all in close proximity,” insisted Henley. “That narrows their choice of targets quite considerably.” He hesitated a brief moment. Then he lowered his hands to a pack buckled to the belt on his waist. He opened it and revealed a big metal box that appeared to be quite heavy. Indiana saw a scale and several buttons on its front. It also had a wand-like device attached by a cable. “Maybe we can find him with this.” It was a device used to detect radiation.

Reuben drew a sharp breath as he had realized what his partner had revealed, and looked as if he were about to reprimand Henley when Indiana jumped in.

“I know why you’re here. I figured it out yesterday.” Indiana jumped in.Reuben’s eyes narrowed. “How?”

“I am also not as dumb as you think,” said Indiana. “I am quite capable of putting two and two together.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Henley’s initial surprise had clearly turned to relief. Reuben looked rather suspicious. And very upset.

“If you really know why we are here, Dr. Jones, then you must also know how important our mission is. There could be thousands of lives at stake. Maybe even millions.”

“There are some problems with your math. Your life doesn’t count, right?” Indiana asked with a gesture to the mercenaries. “Not to mention Marian’s. And mine. Think about it.”


“At the right place and time, these men you brought along might kill you,” explained Indiana. “I mean, they are mercenaries, right? Men who fight for money can also kill for money.”

“Enough, Dr. Jones,” Reuben said, laboriously controlling his voice. “I strongly advised you and Mrs. Corda to stay behind. You ignored me and came anyway. But if you understood what was going on, then you have no right to blame me now.”

“You know, Ruben,” Indiana replied calmly, in an almost friendly tone. “I haven’t trusted anything you have said from the beginning. And I think I know why. You and your colleague are here because it’s your job. You put yourself in mortal danger for God and country, and not necessarily in that order. I’m here because I still have unfinished business with Ramos, and I have a friend that needs to be freed. But these men,” he swept his hand around indicating the mercenaries, “they are here only for the money. How do you know you paid them enough if they don’t know exactly what you are doing or why you are here?”

“Why don’t you go back there and tell them?” Reuben replied coldly. “I keep asking myself over and over. On which side do you stand, Dr. Jones?”

“On yours,” Indiana replied with the same icy tone. “I’m just not sure if it is really the right one.”

“Quiet!” Henley said suddenly. The urgency in his voice caused Indiana and Reuben to become silent on the spot. They turned around back toward the river. Henley was pointing upriver. Although the dim starlight was not sufficient to see in great detail, they spotted a shadow begin to move. It was a blurred, indistinct spot in the dark, but it moved very slowly. After a few more seconds they heard a gentle lapping of water on the hull of a boat.

“Who’s that?” Indiana whispered.

Reuben shrugged and made a gesture to remain silent. The boat was still too far away to be more than a shadow in the night, but the shadow was far too large to be one of the canoes used by the Aymara villagers. It was also coming downstream, which was the opposite direction from the village.

“There is something wrong here,” muttered Reuben.
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