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I'm fairly new to this forum (although compared to the maturity and age of particular fans within this thread, I'm apparently a veteran) and I cannot believe the overt cynicism that exists here.

Has courtesy ever existed on this board? I can't believe somebody would go to such lengths to make other people feel bad. One can rationalize it anyway they want, but the bottomline is that some people just feel good while raining on someone else's parade.

In my opinion, I think the jacket looks great. Owning a Wested and a Cooper myself, I appreciate the atypical Indy jacket that people on the street can discern as an actual licensed Indy item. This thread kinda makes me want to buy one myself now too.

I know I'm new here, so perhaps I shouldn't be throwing my weight around (i.e. opinion) as if I were some fan who had pseudo-clout in the Indy community (i.e. - fans whose self-esteem is dependent/synonymous with their messageboard post count) but I just had to voice my disillusion over the cynical nature of this thread.

Here's hoping this thread will be eventually closed...
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