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Part 36 (cont)

Indiana wanted to stand up and take charge of the situation, but now was not the time. He surmised Ramos was toying with him, trying to get him to act out in passion or anger, hoping Indiana would make a mistake so he could find a hole in Indiana’s explanation. “Yes,” he answered calmly. “And I am sure you have figured this out. And I also know something as well. You did not kidnap Marian and Marcus to find out more about Stan’s character. You kidnapped them to find out where he was. He hid his tracks well. Damned well. Not even the FBI knows where he and his men have gone.”

“And we know little more than they do,” said Ramos.

Indiana protested. “You’re wrong.” He pointed accusingly at the map before Ramos, but quickly remembered the man would not see the gesture. “A track is there,” he persisted. “La Paz is a big place. But it’s not that big. You make a few inquiries, beat a few brows. I’m sure you have experience in those areas,” Indiana continued sarcastically. “A man like Stan, accompanying a dozen or so mercenaries, will stand out, even in a city like La Paz.”

“There you may have a point,” answered Ramos calmly. He stood up confidently, almost as if he had no problem seeing, and pushed the paper back into the file without looking at it, and then picked it up. “I will think about what you have told me, Dr. Jones,” he said. “Until I come to a decision, you will remain our guest.”

“Actually…” protested Indiana, stepping toward Ramos. But before he could say anything further, one of Ramos’s men stepped quickly behind him and grabbed his arm, twisting his wrist so roughly that he gritted his teeth in pain.

“Take him to his friends,” said Ramos. “So that he will be convinced they have been treated well and no harm has come to them.”
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