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Originally Posted by deckard24
I agree a cameo would be pointless, but you know they are gonna mention what happened to Sallah, Marcus, Henry Sr.(who I still think will make a surprise cameo), and Willie. So why not Short Round? He was waaaayyyy more important to Indy in TOD than Willie. He had just met her, but she's got a pic on his mantle in the Indy's house doc. on Strange? All these other secondary characters get nods, but nothing for Indy's surrogate son? Maybe he's another surprise in KOTCS, or hopefully at least a loose end they'll tie up if this truly is the last film.

Regarding Connery, you may be on the money. It wouldn't kill him to ditch the golf for one afternoon and film the final scene, if it does turn out to be a family ceremony of some kind.
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