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Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
I will go to bat for Willie. At least she has an actual arc, while Marion is just her spunky self the whole way through. And while The Spoiled Rotten Star may be a cliche, It's not like The Spitfire Old Flame is any less of one. The dimension of these characters is in the performances.

And for the record, Marion gets kidnapped more than Willie.

Oh, I should add for the record that I love ToD. I also think that Capshaw is fantastic in the role. But they made it SO hard to like her. The moment she appears onscreen, she's belittling Indy, the guy we all love, with a lame joke about "mommies/mummies". And I'd argue she doesn't really get an arc. Come the climax, she's shadowboxing ineffectually behind Indy whilst he fights.

I agree that Spoiled Rotten Star was potentially a great foil, it's the writing that's off. Any part of the character that does work is down to Capshaw, IMHO.

I talk about this at length here:

/end not-so-subtle plug
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