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It's not as hard as it may seem, besides I always thought putting in your own bash makes it YOURS, not some other guy who puts it in. I didn't use steam on my hat for bashing, just fingers and time (it can take a day or two for the shape to hold real well). My biggest advice is to make sure you have everything lined up right so it's not off-center. Looking at pictures helps, remember the shape changes quite a bit from film to film, so figure out what you like.

The loose fit is ok, sweat and sunlight is gonna help mold the hat to your head shape. My head is till growing a bit so I had to order mine a little big, but it's fitting much better now. Don't be afraid of hurting it, I squashed my hat, punched it and sat on it and looks great. ONE THING though, is being rough with the hat can tear the glue from the lining on the inside.

Have fun, I hope your Akubra works out well
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