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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
Why do you guys hate Disney so much?

They've given people so much over the years, so many great movies, set alight the imaginations of millions of children and adults, and it seems everyone just wants to tear them down?

I mean even in recent years, they've created Kingdom Hearts, they've created Lilo & Stitch, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Carribean, WALL-E, they've even got a great traditional 2D movie coming out this year, along with some really cool movies in the near future.

There's more to Disney, both now and in the past, than High School Musical. And kids like it. We shouldn't be so judgmental, since I'm sure a lot of the things we liked as little kids, older kids thought were stupid at the time.

They're one of the greatest companies out there, imo, and one of my favorite and I think they'll do a good job with Marvel.

Lets not forget the Disney Afternoon that aired in the 90's. Showing cartoons such as Gargoyles, Tale Spin and Rescue Rangers.
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