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Originally Posted by RedeemedChild
Thank you very much Raiders11239. You've just given a priceless message in your post and I'm very appreciative.

BTW you people really have nothing to fear from Disney. I think now that Disney and Marvel are together you can expect to see X-Men become like Twilight. After doing a little research I think with Disney and Marvel together like this it might mean that Wolverine might become more like Edward Cullen. I mean after all in X-Men 1, 2 and 3 look at his interaction with Rogue and the people around him. Plus, the new Alice in Wonderland that Disney and Tim Burton are bringing is simply splendid. So no Disney is of no danger to Marvel, only a benefit. Long live Walt Disney.

I doubt Marvel will become like twilight. Did you know that Pulp Fiction or BKill Bill wasn't rated PG-13 or G? Miramax is owned by Disney. I didn't see "Wholesome family fun" in those films.

Disney is just owning Marvel. No changes, no wholesome familyness. No changes in the next Iron Movie. there will still be swearsi n it. However, swears are part of life. Live with 'em or leave.
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