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[quote=Spudomatic]Hello all, I'm a first time poster here but a long time lurker. I thought I'd share these pics of my pre-distressed hide Raiders from Wested. I'm not happy with the color... very, very light for my taste. I was really hoping for one like Drones33's from back in October. The photos of mine don't even show how truly light it is. It'd say it's pretty much tan. Lighter in color even than my Indy pants from Wested! I was hoping this would be multiple shades darker. So, now begins the task of deciding what to get in exchange... and sadly paying exorbitant shipping fees back to the UK from the US.

Don`t give up on this jacket is my advice. As Glenville says, Pecards is the way to go. The jacket of mine you refer to looked very much like yours on the day it arrived, including the colour. I gave mine quite a thorough soak in the shower, then wore it until it dried. This made it conform to my shape and darkened it down quite a bit. Then next day gave it a very heavy coat of Pecards. Dramatically altered the colour, darkening it right down to the way it looks in the pics I posted last october.
Well worth giving it a try

Great hat, by the way.
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