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First time poster, so let me just say that I'm thrilled to be here!

There's some really great stuff in this thread...lots of fun and very well executed ideas. The classroom diorama is tops, and incorporates a lot of great little details and touches. The scene and film speceific dioramas are great...its nice to see that others are into this sort of thing too.

Here's a project I'm working on at the moment:

The material I'm using is sheet styrene (060 or 1/16" thickness). The surface (once the 'airframe' is finished) will be 020 thickness styrene sheet (its much thinner and will be able to conform to the rounded shape of the frame). The German Soldier is there for scale reference. Not sure quite how I'm going to execute the landing gear yet, but I'm working on it

I also have a WIP Last Crusade tank that I've been picking away at for a few weeks now...I'll be posting it very soon.
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