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Originally Posted by Nurhachi1991
Ok i could see if it was a jacket from the swapmeet but its not...... its 100 percent leather and from LucasFilms themselfs

im 16 almost 17 years old im a junior in high school and not one person has said anything bad about the jacket the worst i heard was awsome jacket but i dont really like indiana jones

And hell i wear a Cobra Kai hoodie sometimes and one person said something i diddnt have a problem saying anything back wow someone doesnt like what im wearing im gonna be sad now......

this section is called COLLECTING INDY is it not? If i was saying it was screen accurate wouldnt i post it under INDY GEAR AND PROPS? Exactly this is an Indiana Jones collectable and thats why i was posted it, and you know im Damn proud to be an Indy fan and if people have a problem with that than well **** um

Ok, did you read my post? No really did you? I said pretty clearly MORE THEN ONCE I have no problem w/ you buying that Jacket nor did I question how big a fan you are, I said eventually someone is going to make fun of you, Im 21 and realistic, and the sad truth is eventually theres a good chance someone will laugh at you.

I ALSO SAID YOU KNOW THAT AND ARE FINE WITH IT SO ITS ALL GOOD FOR YOU. OK? I capped that because I'd rather not type it a 4th time.
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