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Originally Posted by Deckard
Well I don't wear costumes either, If I bought an Indy Jacket and payed alot for a Wested it'd be to wear a nice leather Jakcet. Indy's jacket isn't special its a regular old leather flight jacket. Im a pilot I see other Pilot's wearing them all the time, and they don't neccassarily like Indy.

W/ Steve, Steve decided years ago the other Indy hat options sucked and made his own. Eventually that led to him making the hats for Crystal Skull that was my point there. If he hadn't stepped up and said this DP is not good enough, Indy may not have looked as good in the new trailer.

And like I said Im not going to lie to the kid.

If he wears that Jacket people will make fun of him plain and simple. Not me.
I'd be like "oh an Indy fan, cool"

For example a few weeks back I was in a bar in Philly and saw this kid w/ an airbrushed hoodie, that had the spiderman costume design on it. It was actually pretty damn cool and I knew he like Spidey so I sat down at the bar and commented I liked it, asked if he made it himself.

Then I overheard a table of 3 girls making fun of the shirt.

Does that affect me, no. Did it affect him, I don't know, for all I know he may have killed himself tho I doubt it.

My point very simply is If you didn't want negative feedback from some, don't post your Jacket. And If you can't handle the negative comments then defiantely don't wear it out, bcuz you aren't just going to make people happy, there will always be people who don't like it. And as long as you know that and don't care it's all good.

Like I said I never once made fun of him for buying it, I made fun of the people who came up w/ it to begin with.

And I don't know where your getting this idea that i'm saying hes less a fan for not buying that Jacket, I just wanted to make sure he knew the differance, because when you say the pockets are the same, your wrong, plain and simple.

Also go watch the History Channel, listen to NASA enginners who'll tell you they made something on the space shuttle look a certain way because Star Wars or Star Trek was big when they were a kid, and they wanted to make it look like something from the movie. Is that wrong too?

Um dude where did you gett hat i said the pockets were the same?

this is what i said:
it bears some reselblence to the kingdom of the crystal skull jacket as far as the pockets go the

i said bears some reselblence does that mean 100 percent accurate? No it doesnt at all it means it looks similar
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