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Originally Posted by Nurhachi1991
Why would i care if some piss ant on the street or at school laughed at me? im i going to stop liking Indy because of that am i going to stop being a fan? no i could care less

Obviously you do care because you can't handle my negative feedback. I can only imagine if someone walked right up to you and called you a geek.

And dude how many times do I have to say I dont give a ****, Im telling you tho, Your wrong about the pockets, for **** sake dude read my posts or don't even bother argueing.

And the pockets are no way close to similar, that makes me question what your saying even more.

Oh and would I care If most of the girls thought I was a total geek? Yes because im not a liar and I also don't like my own hand enough to stop carring what women think altogeather.
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