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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Yeah, Indy had an influence on me. Hell, this forum had an influence on me. That's why I'm here. That's why I came back after being gone for years, and that's why I accepted the post of moderator. It doesn't mean that I signed away any ability to critique tendencies of my fellow fans, nor that I need to put together a perfectly accurate costume, or any costume at all. It doesn't mean I have to acquire a great pile of action figures from however many different producers, nor that I need to worry about Old Indy being excluded from the Young Indy films. It doesn't mean that I need to post pictures of characters and actors from the films and drool over them, or that I have to wait for the new film to come out to criticize it. It doesn't even mean that I have to have notions of what I want out of Indy IV, but it also doesn't mean that if I do have such notions, that I can't find fault with the film if they don't meet my conception of what a good film would be. There is no litmus test for being an Indiana Jones fan. I would imagine that my fandom is imperfect to many here. I don't doubt that, nor am I particularly bothered by it. But let's be clear here - I'm here by choice.
As should be. Good post, Attila.
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