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Computer Issues Put Article Deadline in Jeopardy...

Hi guys. I hate to disappoint you all, but I may miss the deadline for my article. Unfortunately, I'm having issues with my stupid computer and the problem seems to be getting worse. Here is the issue I've been having as told to my computer guy, Shaun, in an e-mail I sent to him recently, including my personal comments to this e-mail.

"Hey Shaun:

For the past few months, I'll log in to my computer and start using it as usual and then suddenly, in the middle of my work, my screen "blacks out" and it will stop responding no matter how many times I click my mouse buttons, press "esc" or hit my power button.* The screen will eventually come back on after hitting all these buttons, and I'll be back where I left off whether I'm on the internet, typing on my word processing program, etc.* BUT, eventually it "blacks out" again and I have to repeat the process.* I end up having to log back in several times to go back to my work and it's aggravating as hell.* The screen also remains "blacked out" when I boot up my computer and the only way I know it's actually on is by looking for the little light on the side of my computer that indicates it's on.* I don't think it's an electrical issue because my computer does not shut off when it "blacks out," but I don't know what this issue could be.* What are your ideas?* How much will this cost me?* Should I bring my computer in for you to look at?* Thanks for any information you could give me."

My comments to what he told me: "7/13/18: Spoke to Shaun on the phone today and he said he sent me 2 e-mail replies to the above regarding my issue, but I never received them. Anyhoo, he said that I should bring my computer in and he will have to test it to see what the problem is. He has no idea how much it will cost to fix it. I told him I will bring in my computer sometime during the week next week at noon when they open. How the hell much is this going to cost me?! Brother... I HATE the thought of being without my damn computer!!!!"

So that's my issue, my dears. It's aggrevating as hell, and I don't know if I'll be able to finish my article on time if this keeps happening. I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything. Sorry guys. We'll see if this works out. Either way, I've GOT to bring my computer in to the shop this coming week. I can't stand having my computer act up like this anymore... stupid piece of crap... My sincere apologies in advance for this situation. Thanks for your understanding... I love you all. ~Indyologist
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