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Originally Posted by Falcon
Is there any way you can get your hands on another monitor to test it, or hook your computer up to your TV if your video card has an HDMI port? At least that way you could determine if the problem is your monitor or your computer.

Nope, Falcon, no can do. I've got a laptop. Anyhoo, I've done some research about this problem online (apparently it's a common one with Windoze 10) and sometime tomorrow or the next day I'm going to (ulp) attempt to fix this problem myself to save precious time without my computer and (possibly) a s--tload of $$. Wish me luck. Hopefully, everything will be alright. I mean, I'm not a big-time computer geek (well, kinda), but hey-- I'm pretty freakin' smart, I have good common sense and I can read. So... here goes.
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