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Originally Posted by Plaristes
With the exceptions of 10 and 11, I think I can tell which episodes these adapt. Does anyone know which episodes those remaining two are adaptations of?
#10 must be the Somme episode because of the poetry connection with Siegfried Sassoon (Poetry of gun smoke / Poem of smoke)

#11 must be the Germany episode because of the Harry Frig/escape connection. (Funny that Google translated this one as, "Secret War of Harry Frigg", since that is a late '60s movie with Paul Newman playing an prison escape artist during WW2!)
Originally Posted by Moedred
Stoo, can you make a quick list of what episodes were adapted by Random House and Bungeishunju? It may take a lot of digging to determine whether the authors worked off the English adaptions to any degree. I only feature non-English covers on the site if they have original artwork, so these definitely have a place, though I just don't know if this is a publisher like Hachette Livre which kept on going. This doesn't even get into unpublished material.
There are 6 episodes which are unique to the Bungeishunju series:
- Curse of the Jackal - Part 2 (Mexico)
- London
- Vienna
- Peking
- Somme
- Barcelona

The remainder had been adapted by Random House with the exception of "Congo" (done by Fantail) and "Paris 1916" (done by Ballantine). Note: Random House adapted "Princeton 1916" but Bungeishunju did not.

That said, Junior Jones wrote that all the Japanese novels are fresh adaptations. How he knows this for sure, is a mystery!

01. Curse of the Jackal - Part 1 (Egypt)
02. Curse of the Jackal - Part 2 (Mexico)
03. Paris, 1916
04. London
05. Verdun
06. Vienna
07. Congo, (+ German East Africa?)
08. Austria
09. Peking
10. Somme
11. Germany
12. Barcelona
13. British East Africa
14. Petrograd

Random House
01. Curse of the Jackal Part 1 (Egypt)
02. Verdun
03. British East Africa
04. Austria
05. German East Africa
06. Petrograd
07. Princeton 1916
08. Germany

01. German East Africa + Congo
02. Verdun
03. Austria
04. Petrograd

01. Paris 1916

01. Curse of the Jackal - Part 1 (Egypt)
02. British East Africa
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