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Originally Posted by Lambonius
The game runs fine for me using this installer, but I've noticed that the game always defaults to 16-bit color, even when I clearly select 32-bit in the graphics options. Any idea how to force the 32-bit color? Anyone else have this issue?

We also know this "bug" of the game. We tried to fix it in the last weeks and months. But it was not possible till now.
To play the game on 32bit color depth, you can change it in the video options ingame, by using shortcut [i] oder [ESC], for entering the inventory.
Unfortunately, you have to do this change, after every restart of the game.

One week ago, i finished building my "Retro" computer, with Windows 98 SE.
Until then, i thought, that this problem was an bug, by using modern operating systems, but i recognized, that same issue, occurs on Windows 98SE. I will do some test on the retro computer, in the next days.

We also tried to costumize the registriy settings and more, but actually, we were not able to fix it till now.

At the Moment we are trying to modify the reading buffer of the installer, for better compatibilty, with older CD-ROM Drives.

If we will be able to fix the 16Bit/32Bit issue in the future, we will upload the new installer for sure.
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