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Messing with Cog scripts. (All items/unreachable places)

After discovering a resource-extractor, I learned that apart from materials, models, etc. there are also loads of Cog scripts extracted. I decided to edit them for fun and to see, what I can achieve despite my awful programming skills. Well, the results are better than I thought. For instance I was able to edit the All Weapons Cheat so it gives me EVERY possible item and 9999 ammo and the Canyonlands script so Indy doesn't slide at the beginning and that the level finishes straight after walking into the finish trigger. What's so special about it ?

This is what I always wanted to achieve when I was a kid:

Yes, the Parts actually work. I was shocked when I realised that the enemy behavior is programmed to ignore invisible player when the player wasn't supposed to be !

What else does the new cheat give us ? Unused items ! What were they originally designed for ? Share your thoughts.

Scrapped Shambala Waterworks items ?

Were we originally supposed to find a lever handle ?

Was the secret map originally added to the inventory after buying ?

Unnamed treasures. Normally inaccessible through the inventory:

How about accessing inaccessible areas ? No problem.

If there's anyone interested in this "hacking", wants more areas to be shown or savegames/scripts to be shared, let me know.
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