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Retcons to Indy's background

Am I the only one miffed at the fact that Indy is retconned in the YIJC to be a city boy, from an upper middle class family that mingles with high society? One of my sore points with the YIJC is I can't reconcile the hard-brewed, rough-hewn Indy as portrayed by Harrison having had the cosmopolitan upbringing he's shown to have had in the YIJC. His family is wealthy enough to go travelling around the world for two years. Ford's Indy would seem in the way he acts to come from more humble stock. I also don't buy Henry being as nice, or as open-minded as he is in the YIJC; He seems very forward thinking, and while stern and a bit neglectful, not the utterly distant and obsessed man we see in the 1912 prologue to LC. Also, Henry is living in Princeton in 1908, goes around the world for two years, then suddenly settles in Utah by 1912, only to come back to the same house in Princeton by 1916?

Anyone else take issue with the way the YIJC retconned Indy's background?
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