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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
There are moments when the films chain them together. The last half hour of TOD is non-stop action but we had to go through some dialogue and drama scenes to get there. Once Indy and the gang are captured we have about 15-20 minutes of downtime until the climax kicks off. Raiders gives us a lot of exposition, research, and discovery before Indy and Marion escape the pit. We slowly build up to those sequences and it's a fantastic balance of drama, comedy, and intrigue along the way. It's one of my favorite aspects of the series, hence why I think a slightly less action-oriented Indy V could work.

The downtime is to take a break from the action and calm down a bit to get more involved in the story and characters. Non-stop action after a while gets old and tedious, which is why action has to be used in moderation to serve the plot and characters, not the other way around. This is something all the Indy films do very well but especially the first two. There's a building sense of excitement as you get closer to the major action scenes in those.

Another thing about TLC, anyone else feel it sort of lost the "pulpy" feeling of the first two? ROTLA and especially TOD really embraced the pulp, vintage adventure serial roots of Indy and felt so much like those old serials. TOD in particular with it's storyline, occult themes and use of lighting and shadows also evoked 50s-era EC Horror comics. With TLC it felt like a lot of that was lost. ROTLA and TOD felt like old-school adventure serials with a budget and a master crew at the helm.
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