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Originally Posted by Stoo
All of Marion's Marvel appreances take place in 1936. She's in #6-12, #14, #16, #17-18, #20-23 and 25. (She is also mentioned in #16.) You should buy the Ominbus edition, Annie. It's well worth it!

...Just had another look and I made a mistake about #23 being her last. She's also in #25 (but not with Indy, she is pissed at him). After that chapter, it's "Adios, muchachos!" for Marion! As for the dates, only the last few (#31-34) are in 1937. #30 says "circa 1936". Hope that helps.

Well it's good to know that the money I pay for the next omnibus will be well worth it!!!

#25, huh? I suppose I would be expecting too much if Colin Williams was in that issue .
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