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It's pretty difficult to say Indy games are better right now, since the man in the hat has nothing to compare in the current generation. And the last one we got - the Staff of Kings - doesn't do much favors to the argument either, since it got rather limited exposure and was, well, pretty much garbage.

You'll have to go back more than a decade to have an even playing field. Christ, it's been since 2003 when we got an Indy game actually worth playing... and even then, one might argue, only barely. ET was something of a lackluster attempt, even by the standards back in the day.

Since IM had its faults too (objectively thinking, from a fan's POV I still consider it pretty memorable), I must conclude that when we last had an all-around competent Indy video gaming experience, the year was 1992(!). Back then, Lara truly was no competition... because she didn't exist yet.
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