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I gotta believe your sources are in the Kennedy/Marshal camp.

Look at the current situation. With Kennedy MIA, Rian Johnson is the face of the franchise. Since Solo bombed at the box office, he has been engaging in snarky warfare with fans in the twitter-sphere. No way Disney will tolerate it. I agree with Pale and my prior post that Disney has enough headaches (some gender related) right now, and the last thing they want to do is can Kennedy -- but I say Johnson is pressing the issue from his side and will bring this whole thing to a head.

The whole Kelly Marie Tran situation is fishy. Trolls have been abusing her for months -- but she all the sudden withdraws from social media the second week of Solo's release (the moment when it was confirmed that Solo would be a flop and Kennedy's future -- Johnson's supporter -- is put in doubt?) and Johnson immediately steps up to her defense and starts engaging with fans. It's engineered. The guy is a provocateur, and I'm sure Disney brass sees through it.

Now you got fans that are looking to re-make TLJ. I bet this story doesn't go away. I look at The Raiders Adaptation as precedent here -- but what we'll see this time is a fan made film for the Trump age -- with a bunch of middle age wealthy white guys making something instead of group of teenagers in the '80's with too much time on their hands.

This story and the other twitter battles will fester and Disney will say NO MORE!
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