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I have the full run in .cbr files on a backup DVD somewhere. All the Indy comics, actually (I think. All the English-language ones, at any rate.)

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Further Adventures as Indy stories. They're some of the best adventure comics of the time, if you just read them as adventure stories. Not too heavy on that hoary old clunker of an albatross around the neck of basically all comics pre-Moore/Morrison/Ellis known as exposition. The dialogue is killer--the series hooked me immediately with (I think) the first issue, a Spear of Destiny story which starts with Indy wrestling Adolf Hitler for the Spear. Or something like that. Been awhile since I read it. Anyway, there was some great dialogue in that scene that hooked me immediately. Something to the effect of Hitler saying "GIVE IT TO ME NOW" and Indy going "No! Wait, what are we talking about?" And another scene when Indy says, a little too loudly, something about the spear, then realizes everyone is looking at him kind of Nazily, and tries to cover it up by saying, "Uh, beer! Don't think I'll be needing another one!"

But I didn't see them as Indy stories. Obviously, they are, but I didn't really feel like they nailed any of the characters as the unique people that they are. Indy was just another comic book protagonist. He didn't talk like Indy. The examples I just cited are also examples of that problem: it just doesn't feel like Indy. (Come to think of it, it feels a lot like Han Solo.)
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