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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Just for the heck of it, what do you think the difference would be between Uncharted and a good Indiana Jones game? Less gunplay, certainly; perhaps more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat?

In Uncharted 4, I really liked all the changes to hand to hand combat they made. Uncharted's hand to hand combat is really unique but I think in this most recent game its really gotten better. The game gives you dodge options and allows for takedowns if you can manage to stealth an enemy. There are sections you can get halfway through or most of the way through without firing a single shot if you are good enough at stealth/hand to hand.

I really liked the new grappling hook mechanic in Uncharted 4...I can see that being implemented in an Indy game. Using it both to swing to new areas but also for attack. (In Uncharted 4, if Nathan Drake is swinging over an enemy, a prompt appears which allows you to do an aerial takedown on them) Something like that would be cool to see implemented. Also whip mechanics...I am thinking something similar to how the whip was implemented for Catwoman in Arkham City. You can use it to attack, but also to disarm opponents.
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