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Here's an article on the future of Star Wars in video games, which could shed some light on directions they'd explore for Indy in the future, as in these paragraphs:

In 2018, EA will publish a third-person Star Wars action-adventure created by Dead Space developer Visceral. Amy Hennig, who cocreated the Uncharted series (which is celebrated for its cinematic qualities), is leading the project, about which we know nothing aside from an extremely brief early look and the fact that it will feature an ensemble cast with multiple story arcs. Another third-person action-adventure from Titanfall developer Respawn, set in a different, unspecified timeline, will follow in 2019.
Although McCully acknowledges the need to “navigate the film releases,” committing to telling original stories simplifies that task, while also satisfying fans’ insatiable appetite for more Star Wars. “You don’t necessarily want to retell the story of this character and make a movie game that traces the steps of Luke Skywalker,” he says. “I know Luke Skywalker’s story. I want to know a new story about another character or a character that I control.”

Amy Henning working on a LucasFilm licensed game? I'd be happy to have that happen twice. That second paragraph? Well, they've never been perfect analogies for each other, in terms of number of characters, but they're also different types of stories; telling a story about one of Indy's adventures isn't the same as showing some Luke adventure we didn't know about before.
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