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Originally Posted by ThrowMeTheWhip
The Rinzler book is fun if not a bit silly. Both the Scholastic books at least have a sense of adventure with good set pieces.

Going to have to disagree with you there. The plots interlinking the two books are pretty atrocious, rehashing the whole "creepy ancient influences from space" that KotCS highlighted, characters are often useless and push the story back instead of contributing to anything (the two Italian kids, Isabella and Giovanni, were pretty much the Jar-Jars of that novel), and the villains were poorly thought out and described (whenever we meet Mephisto, he states he's a Nazi and member of Himmler's group over and over again, while also referring to Indy as a subhuman untermensch-we get it, he's a Nazi, and he's not even frightening like Toht or Vogel could be, but instead completely ridiculous). Just because a book is aimed towards a younger audience doesn't mean it has to be taxing on my brain cells.
Originally Posted by ThrowMeTheWhip
Army of the Dead has none of that. The horrible slog comments are too kind— that novel is atrocious.
Never read it before, but I'll take your word on it.
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