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Originally Posted by Joosse
Hey Dutch Ghost.

Glad to see someone else on here who is trying to get through the Hohlbein novels!

So far I quite liked Erfenis van Avalon and Gevederde Slang. Het Godenschip left me a little underwhelmed.

When I have read the other Hohlbein novels I will have read all the Indiana Jones books.

But the worst I personally indeed find the Army of the Dead.

Apologies for not responding, I don't visit this forum very often and I forget that this forum does not give any update when there is a response to a thread I participated in.

Yeah Ship of the Gods was rather disappointing for me as well like I described in the post. Feathered Snake was okay but never really lived up for me so far I can recall.
I think the last one I read was Secret of Eastern Island. After that I just lost interest in reading more of Hohlbein.

From how you write I assume you find it a challenge as well to get through these books? I hate to say it but I found some rather underwhelming or even boring.

Recently I have been checking out stories of a pulp hero somewhat similar to Indiana Jones called Athena Voltaire. It is not as strong as the Indy stories when they are on their best but it is a good alternative if you have read all the Indy comics.

Originally Posted by TheFirebird1
Army of the Dead can't be as terrible as the Rinzler story Mystery of Mount Sinai, could it?
The story's main villain was a poorly-written, hilariously stereotypical Nazi who shot lightning from his arm. At a certain point, it felt more like a terrible Star Wars novel that stuck Indy in it before it was vomited out onto shelves.

I actually kind of liked Mephisto even if he is over the top, I found him a lot more iconic than a lot of the other villains in the books even if he is a cartoonish stereotype.
The arm is rather Science! than real science but I could accept it.

The plot was indeed a retread of elements from KOTCS regarding by suggesting aliens/advanced alien technology again, and even a little Fate of Atlantis regarding the metal or material the Nazis were looking for, this time a source of anti gravity instead of energy.

Still I would not mind if Indy faced Helmut von Mephisto again.

In general I enjoyed the Scholastic Young Adult books more than a lot of the regular books.
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